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    March 1st - June 30th - OPEN Tues. - Sat. 10-5, Sun. 12-5

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    July 1st - December 14th

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  • About Us



    Erin's Meadow Herb Farm began as a weekend business for Kathleen (Kathy) Erin Burke-Mihalczo and husband John T. Mihalczo Jr.

    Twelve acres of land located just outside the city of Oak Ridge, Tennessee turned into a home based business selling fresh cut herbs at local farmers markets.

    Cold frames grew into three greenhouses, and herbal display gardens were built over the first five years. Greenhouse plant production produced thousands of herbs, some varieties rarely seen for sale at the time.

    Herbal education programs were held outside in the gardens under a tent and brought gardeners and cooks alike to the herb farm, eager to learn herb growing methods and culinary techniques. Interest in plant based medicine resurfaced and Erin's Meadow Herb Farm became a local source for herbal medicine makers.


    In 2005 the herb shop and kitchen classroom were constructed. Herbal education classes and workshops expanded. A large production garden was built to grow herbs and vegetables used in classes. 2005 also brought the first wedding held in the herb gardens. The years to follow brought film crews to the farm from Jewelry Television, PBS, and local Knoxville TV stations.


    Erin's Meadow Herb Farm is dedicated to the beauty, usefulness, and enjoyment of herbs! We love sharing our knowledge and passion for herbs with friends and clients!



  • Here is what we are growing for 2024!




    We cannot guarantee this plant inventory.

    We are open to the public daily and can easily sell out of a particular crop.

    Please call to confirm availability. We may also have a few varieties not listed here, so please inquire.

    We are the happiest when you are!




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    3.5" - 3.5" Square Container

    Qt. - Quart Container

    GAL - Gallon Size Container


    Vegetable Plants available but not listed.

    Annuals Flowers/Bedding Plants, Hanging Baskets available early April but not listed




    Aloe Vera 3.5” $6.79 Qts. 10.95
    Amsonia ‘String Theory’ PW GAL. $16.95
    Agastache Anise Hyssop 3.5"$5.79 S/O
    Artemisia, Sweet Annie 3.5"$5.79
    Artemisia Silver Qts. $6.95
    Ashwaganda 3.5" $5.79
    Astragalus 3.5" $5.79
    Baptisia ‘Decadence Lemon Meringue’ GAL. $16.95
    Baptisia ‘Indigo Spires’ GAL. $16.95 S/O


    BASIL African Blue Qts. $6.95  
    BASIL Amethyst Qts. $6.95
    BASIL Greek Columnar Qts. $6.95
    BASIL 'Wild Majic Qts.$7.95
    BASIL Lemon Qts. $6.95

    BASIL Pesto Perpetuo Qts. $6.95
    Basil Purple Ball Qts.$6.95
    BASIL Sweet Qts. $6.95
    BASIL Sweet 3.5”$5.79
    BASIL Kapoor Tulsi Qts. $6.95

    BASIL Kapoor Tulsi 3.5” $5.79
    BASIL Thai Qts. $6.95
    BASIL Tuscany 3.5” $5.79


    Bay Laurel Qts $12.98 S/O


    Blackberry Chester (Thornless) Gal $11.95
    Blueberry Blueray Qts. $9.95
    Blueberry Bluecrop Qts. $9.95
    Raspberry Red Heritage Gal. $11.95

    Boneset (Eupatorium) 3.5” $5.79
    Borage3.5" $5.79
    Buddleia Dwarf Chrysalis Purple' Qt. $11.95
    Buddleia Dwarf Pugster Blue' Gal. $16.95
    Calamint Blue 3.5” $5.79
    Calendula 3.5" $5.79
    Catnip 3.5" $5.79
    Chives 3.5". $4.79
    Chives Garlic 3.5” $4.79
    Chamomile, German 3.5" $5.79
    Chamomile, Roman 3.5" $5.79
    Chervil 3.5" $5.79
    Cilantro 3.5"$4.79
    Coreopsis 'Uptick Red' Qt.$7.95

    Coreopsis 'Uptick Cream' Qt.$7.95
    Coreopsis Wild Tickseed 3.5” $5.79
    Comfrey 3.5" $5.79
    Dianthus ‘Firewitch’ Qts. $7.95
    Dill Fernleaf 3.5" $4.79
    Echinacea 'Fiesta Orange' Gal. $12.95
    Echinacea 'Cheyenne Spirit' Qts. $9.95
    Edelweiss 3.5” $5.79
    Elecampane 3.5” $5.79
    Eucalyptus‘ Baby Blue’ 3.5” $5.79

    Eucalyptus‘ Blue Gum’ 3.5” $5.79
    Fig Chicago Hardy Qts $11.95
    Feverfew 3.5" $5.79
    Gaillardia ‘Mesa Yellow’ Qts. $ 7.95


    Attar of Rose Qts. $7.95
    Citriodorum Qts. $7.95  
    Orange Fizz Qts. $7.95
    Citronella Qts. $11.95

    Hyacinth Bean Vine $5.79
    Hydrangea 'Let’s Dance Can Do' Gal. $16.95
    Hyssop 3.5” $5.79

    LAVENDER Exceptional ‘White Linen’ Qts. $7.95
    LAVENDER Fernleaf Qt. $6.95
    LAVENDER ‘La Diva ImperialEarly' Qts. $6.95
    LAVENDER Phenomenal Qts. $6.95
    LAVENDER Phenomenal GAL. $11.95
    LAVENDER Platinum Blonde $6.95

    Lemon Balm 3.5" $5.79, Qts. $6.95
    Lemongrass Qt. $8.95 (late June)
    Lemon Verbena Qts.$6.79 S/O
    Leucanthemum 'White Magic' GAL. $11.95
    Marjoram 3.5" $4.79
    Marshmallow 3.5" $5.79

    MINT Chocolate Qts.$6.95
    MINT Orange Qts.$6.95
    MINT Peppermint Qts.$6.95
    MINT Pineapple Qts.$6.95
    MINT Spearmint 'Kentucky Colonel' Qts. $6.95
    MINT Strawberry Qts.$6.95

    Milk Thistle 3.5” $5.79
    Monarda Wild Beebalm 3.5” $5.79
    Moon Vine 3.5” $5.79
    Motherwort 3.5” $5.79
    Mugwort 3.5" $5.79
    Mullein 3.5."$5.79
    Nasturtium 3.5” $5.79

    OREGANO Golden Qt. $6.95

    OREGANO Greek Qt. $6.95

    OREGANO Ornamental Kirigami Qt. $6.95

    OREGANO Mexican (Poliomentha longiflora) Qt. $6.95

    Parsley, Curled 3.5"$4.79
    Parsley Italian3.5" $4.79

    Patchouli Qt. $7.95
    Phlox ‘Spring Hot Pink’ Qts. $7.95
    Phlox ‘Starfire’Qts. $7.95
    Phlox ‘Early Red’ Qts. $7.95
    Purple Perilla 3.5” $5.79
    Rhubarb Victoria Qts.$9.95
    Rose ‘At Last’ Gal. $16.95
    Rosemary 'Salem' Qt. $6.95
    Rosemary 'Salem' GAL.$11.95
    Rosemary Trailing 'Irene' Qt. $6.95

    Rudbeckia ‘Mini Beckia Flame’ Qt. $7.95
    Rue 3.5" $5.79
    Russian Sage "Bluesette" Qt. $7.95

    SAGE Berggarten Qt. $6.95   
    SAGE Dwarf Qt.$6.95
    SAGE Gardener's Friend Qt. $6.95
    SAGE Golden Qt. $6.95  
    SAGE Pineapple Qt.$6.95
    SAGE Pineapple Golden Delicious Qt. $7.95  
    SAGE Purple Qt. $6.95  
    SAGE Tri Color Qt. $6.95
    SAGE White Sage 3.5" $6.95  

    St. John's Wort 3.5" $5.79
    Salad Burnett 3.5" $5.79
    Salvia Greggii ‘Mirage Salmon’ Qt $7.95
    Salvia Greggii 'Mirage Hot Pink' Qt. $7.95
    Salvia Nemorosa 'Midnight Purple' Qt. $7.95
    Salvia Salgoon ‘Lake Garda’ Qts. $7.95
    Santolina, Gray Qts. $6.95

    Santolina, Green Qts. $6.95
    Savory, Winter Qts. $6.95
    Self-Heal (Prunella) 3.5” $5.79
    Sempervivum 'Hens & Chicks' 3.5 "$5.79
    Sempervivum 'Hens & Chicks' Qts. $6.95
    Skullcap 3.5" $5.79
    Spilanthes 3.5" $5.79
    Strawberry Everbearing 3.5” $2.99
    Stevia Qts. $6.95
    Tarragon, French Qts. $6.95
    Tarragon, Texas Qts. $6.95

    THYME Elfin QTS.$6.95
    THYME English QTS.$6.95
    THYME Lemon QTS. $6.95
    THYME Red Creeping QTS. $6.95

    THYME Silver Edge QTS.$6.95
    THYME Yellow Transparent QTS.$6.95

    YARROW(Achillea) White 3.5” $5.79
    Valerian 3.5” $5.79
    Vervain 3.5” $5.79














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    Our plants are grown using all natural methods, and all our gardens flourish without the use of harmful chemicals or pesticides. We were organic before organic was cool!


    Our collection of basils, lavenders, oreganos and thymes is unmatched in East Tennessee.


    We offer a good selection of medicinal herbs for the backyard apothecary, and teach how to grow, harvest and use them in our classes.

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  • Erin's Meadow
    Herb Shop

    Dried Bulk Organic Herbs and Tea Blends
    Medicine Making Supplies
    Essential Oils and Aromatherapy Tools
    Herb Books and Gifts, Organic Growing Supplies
    Garden - tiques (vintage home and garden)
    Our Homegrown CBD Products

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  • Events at Erin's Meadow Herb Farm!


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    Beekeeper Field Day 2024  


    When : April 13, 2024

    Where: Erin’s Meadow Herb Farm

    10:00am - 3:00pm

    132 England Drive Clinton, TN

    Free and open to the public.

    Please pre- register with clowden@comcast.net

    • Bring friends, family, & youth to learn the gentle art of beekeeping.

    • Those who attended our Beginner Beekeeping School in November and are new to beekeeping are eligible to win a hive grant!


    Sponsored by Anderson County Beekeepers Association

  • Information about our Programs, Classes & Events



    Open to the public
    Registration not required
    May include an optional activity for a fee.

    *Please note all class times are approximate



    1-2 hours long with time for discussion and questions after class
    Students see a demonstration and sample recipes or formulas
    Students take home an informative handout


    1 ½ hour long with time for discussion and questions after class
    Student will see culinary demonstrations and enjoy a full meal.
    Students take home recipes


    All class fees are non-refundable. 
    However, a student may receive a credit towards another class of the same or lesser price within the calendar year IF the student calls to drop out of a class 1 week prior to the class.

    • Credit must be used within the same calendar year
    • Credit will be given towards a class of the same or lesser price
    • Credit may only be used on classes, and cannot be used towards merchandise

    We understand unforeseen circumstances arise, so we want you to attend and enjoy a class



    You will receive an email confirmation from us, and Paypal


    You may sign up for a class by calling us with a credit card payment. Visa, Mastercard, Discover Card, American Express and Paypal cards are accepted. We will give you a receipt when you arrive for the class.

    You may pay for a class by mailing a check 1 week before the class.
    Please include a phone number on all checks.

  • Group Programs at Erin's Meadow Herb Farm

    Owner Kathy E. Burke Mihalczo offers fun, informative herbal wellness programs and activities for your employees or organization designed to educate and cultivate awareness of the benefits of using herbs as part of a naturally healthy lifestyle. Topics include Growing Herbs, Herbs in the Kitchen, Healthy Herbal Teas, Herbal Medicine Making, Natural Skin Care, Green Housecleaning, Herbal Crafting, Essential Oils and more.


    We host group programs at our beautiful herb.


    Kathy has presented programs for the Dogwood Arts Festival, Healthy Living Expo, University of Tennessee Gardens, Memphis Botanic Gardens, Nashville Herb Society, and Clayton Homes Corporation.


    Kathy has been a contributor on WBIR-TV "Mornings with Fox43" in Knoxville, Tennessee


    Programs at our herb farm

    Bring your group for a fun, informative herb program!

  • Erin's Meadow Herb Farm Instructors

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    Kathy E. Burke Mihalczo

    Owner of Erin's Meadow Herb Farm

    Kathy is a community herbalist who started Erin's Meadow Herb Farm in 1995. Kathy teaches a variety of herbal education classes on growing herbs, using herbs in the kitchen, herbal and natural skin care, herbal teas, and herbal medicine making. Her classes are informative and fun!

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    Katherine Justice

    Creator at Dexter's Designs

    Katherine grew up crafting, sewing and gardening with her mother and grandmother. Her craft business Dexter's Designs creates unique gifts that can be personalized for any occasion or person, no matter their age or gender. Katherine's cat Dexter was the inspiration for her company name. He is her one eyed wonder, assisting in most creations, or he at least supervises! Dexter's Designs continually seeks new and exciting crafting ideas to learn, create, and share.


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    River Fern Bryant

    Owner of River Song Massage and Herbs

    River Fern Bryant has been holding space for cacao ceremonies for a few years and recently had the opportunity to be in Guatemala with the Cacao Shaman, Keith Wilson. Through her study of Plant Spirit Medicine, Native American Spirituality, Compassionate Communication, and Circling, River has developed a sweet, safe way to hold space for deep heart opening and healing through Cacao Ceremony.




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    Terri Geiser

    Cooking Instructor

    Terri Geiser is a culinary enthusiast, caterer and cooking instructor

    who appears regularly on WBIR - TV. Terri has been teaching cooking classes in Knoxville for over 20 years. She is currently the manager of the Culinary Institute Community Cooking Classes at the University of Tennessee, including the wine dinner program and the food and wine tasting events. She also serves as a wine judge for the Southern Region Wine Competition.


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